2017 - 2018 Dance Class Session

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WELCOME   We are a dance technique, core developmental dance studio specializing in teaching a dancer with technique and versatility of several styles of dance. Each style of dance offers benefits in becoming a well rounded dancer. Our classes are broken into age and experience level, to ensure a comfortable environment for you/and or your child. We have two great locations to choose from.. SE Boise "Broadway Dance & Event Center "and W Boise" Pat Harris School of Dance" the Main Office location. 

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Pat Harris Dance Studios offers class in: 
Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballroom, Theatre
"We provide quality dance instruction, at a reasonable cost to insure everyone can benefit from the joy, skills, fun and  physicial and mental health that  dance & exerise provides." 

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Whatever the reason for taking classes – self-improvement, keeping physically fit, or for a professional career - dance is an art for all to enjoy. Dance lessons give a strong sense of discipline and self- achievement. Parents have a real responsibility in their children’s development and must encourage their children. Most children do not know what they need for their development and often take "easy roads" such as excess TV watching, electronic games and the computer. In the early years we work on a basic foundation for all dancing and physical activity. Tumbling stunts help develop agility and courage. Throughout our graded program, motivation toward the love of dance and music is stressed. Around age 7 or 8 serious study of classical ballet is begun. Until this age we feel a child is not ready physically or mentally for this rigorous discipline. Then the student begins careful training to strengthen and stretch the growing feet and leg muscles. Students can graduate to pointe shoes no younger than age 11, because of body and bone development. As tap classes advance, they become longer and more sophisticated in rhythm and style. Around age 7 or 8 jazz classes are offered. This is the American style that draws on other forms of dance for technique, primarily ballet, which is considered the basis of all dance. Specialty classes such as hip hop, contemporary, progressions and more are also offered.