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Pat Harris started her dance life and training at the age of 8 in Nampa, ID with Mrs. May Van de Steeg renowned teacher in the area. Pat started her first dance school as a senior in high school and continued her dance school while attending (B.S.U) Boise Junior College for 2 years. She was head Majorette for B.S.U. during that time and twirled & threw both the sparkler & flame baton for the college games. She received her degree in Physical Education from the University of Washington and taught junior high for several years. Pat spent 6 weeks in NYC taking dance technique classes and teacher training courses from such legends Thalia Mara (Ballet),Paul Draper (Tap) and Matt Mattox (Jazz).  Pat founded the dance school bearing her name in 1971. The Pat Harris School of Dance building was constructed in 1973. Originally started on Broadway Avenue in 1982 the Broadway Dance Center entered a new era on East Boise Ave. with the renovation of the Holcomb Grange building and grounds.  This facility is available for rental for receptions, parties, etc. Many of the students trained in Pat’s schools have continued their dance careers as professional dance teachers, performers in professional dance companies, professional sports dance teams, cruise ship dance performers, & proudly having trained many owners of their own dance schools. Pat Harris heads a staff of technically-trained, caring instructors who provide progressive lessons in a fun, yet disciplined manner.  Pat Harris has been an active member of the Boise Dance Teacher’s Association and the statewide Idaho Dance Arts Alliance for many years, having held the office of president in each group, plus several other offices and responsibilities.  Pat also belongs to the Boise Chamber of Commerce.


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 Whatever the reason for taking classes –  self-  improvement, keeping physically fit, or for a  professional career - dance is an art for all to  enjoy.  Dance lessons give a strong sense of  discipline and  self- achievement. Parents have a real responsibility in their children’s development and must encourage their children. Most children do not know what they need for their  development and often take "easy roads" such as excess TV watching, electronic games and the computer. In the early years we work on a basic foundation for all dancing and physical activity.  Tumbling stunts help develop agility and courage. Throughout our graded program, motivation toward the love of dance and music is stressed. Around age 7 or 8 serious study of classical ballet  is begun. Until this age we feel a child is not ready physically or mentally for this rigorous discipline. Then the student begins careful training to strengthen and stretch the growing feet and leg muscles. Students can graduate to pointe shoes no younger than age 11, because of body and bone development. As tap classes advance, they become longer and more sophisticated in rhythm and style. Around age 7 or 8 jazz classes are offered. This is the American style that draws on other forms of dance for technique, primarily ballet, which is considered the basis of all dance. Specialty classes such as hip hop, contemporary, progressions and more are also offered.

The Pat Harris Studio's offers a complete curriculum of courses ranging from pre-school through pre-professional dance. Dance subjects include Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Hip hop, Lyricial, Pre-dance, Tots, Contempary and Ballroom. Our primary interest is to offer specialized training in the performing arts. Individual attention and analysis of a student’s abilities and progress by experienced, professional teachers.

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